Friday, October 5, 2012

A Gift from the Birds?

The other day I discovered a lovely new resident in my garden. I love the triple petals on the bottom of each flower!

I looked through my wildflower books, and it appears to be a wild lobelia.  Now, I live right smack in the middle of town, far away from wooded areas and fields, and I'm not quite sure how this little beauty found its way to my yard, but I suspect that birds may have helped it find a new home by unwittingly transporting  its seed.  I wish I could get them to bring only flower seeds to my garden, because I also found sprouts of poison ivy that had appeared out of nowhere.  I guess every silver lining has a cloud!


  1. Does not look like my first comment
    Made it?

    And it didn't as this Tim by hitting preview, it made me log in first.

    It's is a pretty flower, even tho purple isn't a favorite color of mine.
    And with that said, I LOVE the purple lilacs! :-)

  2. I looked up the wild lobelia and it is beautiful. I hope it comes up again for you next spring. I just love volunteer plants.

  3. welcome to blog land - nice way to keep in touch with your fans. your new samplers are really pretty. good luck with them - Melody

  4. Joann, The flowers were actually a bit bluer than in the photo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the plant makes it through the winter and that I remember where it is.

    Melody, thank you so much for you kind words!